Term 5 Schedule

I Aug 22 – Oct 29Aug 5 Sept. 5 Labor Day
II Oct 30 – Jan 21Oct 14Nov. 24 Thanksgiving
Dec 22-Jan 8 Winter Break
III Jan 22 – Apr 1Dec 22Feb 27-28 Mardi Gras
IV Mar 28 – June 5Sat, May 14Memorial Day 5/30
V June 4-Aug 5May 26July 4th

** Summer Schedule has
flexi-schedule. Sign up for 6, 7,
8 or 9 weeks of class.

We want to do good things for kids, specifically, build responsible kids. We don’t teach sports, we teach kids. We know that kids will make a difference in this world if we make a difference in theirs.

In addition to having the best programs in the industry, our customer service is even better. We have developed great relationships with our customers over the years and they continue to be our number one priority. We consider them part of the family.
We have a year ’round program (with an August & Christmas break) divided in five terms of 9-10 weeks. Please see our “How To Handbook.”

*Priority Deadline is for returning students only. New Students sign up ASAP.

$35 Family Administrative Fee: This annual fee defrays administrative expenses including software fees, insurance and other administrative costs. This fee covers your immediate family and is paid upon registration and every 12 months thereafter.

20 % Discount…remember, always, ONLY the most expensive tuition in your family pays full fare. All 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. tuitions are discounted (not including our TCC program & camps which have built in discounts.)

Fall 2005 – 2006
Now 5 Tems (formerly 6)
Little Hoppers9-10 Week Term
10-24 months$101All other ages$116
Fall 2005 – 2006
Now 5 Tems (formerly 6)
Tumbling9-10 Week Term
1 Hour$116–
Fall 2005 – 2006
Now 5 Tems (formerly 6)
Gym Stars9-10 Week Term
1 hr. 5min.$123–
Fall 2005 – 2006
Now 5 Tems (formerly 6)
TCC After School9 Month Term
Registration Fee$50Weekly Cost$47.50–
Fall 2005 – 2006
Now 5 Tems (formerly 6)
Cheer University9-10 Week Term
Cheer-nastics$109Cheer Tumble$116
Fall 2005 – 2006
Now 5 Tems (formerly 6)
To The Pointe Dance9-10 Week Term
30 min.$7445 min.$1021 hr.$1191 hr. 30 min.$158