Term 5 Schedule

Tumbling at Leaps & Bounds is like no other tumbling program.  Many tumbling programs teach where all the kids in the class stand in line then attempt a complex tumbling sequence with the coach doing the majority of the work.  The transfer of learning is low.  Students walk away, not knowing how to do skills correctly and safely.  Beware of the tendency to want to fast track your child’s learning.  Proper training will take your child farther than any quick fix.

We know that you want your child to be taught the safest way possible and with the ability to progress in the long term.  At Leaps & Bounds we teach in a progressive manner, breaking down complex skills into mini skills.  After the student learns the mini skills, the more complex skills are easier to achieve, safer, and will lead into other skills without numerous corrections.  We are known for tumblers with good technique.

Our coed classes are great for divers, gymnasts, aspiring competitors and anybody who wants to learn how to defy gravity. We use school grade as the primary variable to determining your child’s class time. We then subdivide each class into logical similar training groups. Advanced tumbling classes require an instructor evaluation before enrolling.


Tumbling 1:

Tumbling 2:

Tumbling 3:

Tumbling 4:

WHAT TO WEAR: Tumblers can wear a leotard or fitted shirt and workout shorts.  Please do not wear big t-shirts as they get in the way of the spotter and are not safe.  You may tumble with or without tennis shoes.