Term 5 Schedule

This is a bold statement but we can say without a doubt that this is true.  There is no better time than during the preschool years to build healthy attitudes towards positive learning.  Unfortunately many parents find out the hard way, you simply can’t turn back the clock and teach learning attitudes to teenager.  In short, we believe that the learning attitudes your child acquires during their preschool years in Little Hoppers have more bearing on their success than will their college education.

Five Age Groupings
We divide our Little Hoppers into 6 different age groups. During these formative years, we believe that small age divisions are necessary in order to create just the right learning environment for each stage of a child’s development.  Few organizations go to this trouble but we know the children feel more comfortable and learn more in our groupings.

  • Diaper Dare Devils (10-23 months)  A playful, parent / tot class centered around age appropriate developmental movements using special tot-size apparatus with a strong emphasis on socialization and group involvement.  We do recommend  that the child be walking to participate.
  • ( 2 yrs)  Also a parent /tot format but with bigger excitement and bigger challenge.
  • (3 years)  No parents needed for this age group!  There are mountains to climb, rivers to swim and trampolines to jump on!  More physical challenges await them.  Their bodies are getting stronger and their social skills are being tested.  They learn that challenges are FUN!.  
  • (4-5 years) These hoppers are beginning to really step out and move.  The physical challenges are stepped up.  As in all levels, we make sure each attempt is rewarded so the children associate ‘trying and falling short’ with what it really is a natural step in the learning process.
  • Kinderfrogs Kindergarteners Kinderfrogs are able to handle a class which is slightly more ‘skill oriented’.  As the year moves along, we begin to offer more ‘skills’ and less general movement, preparing each child, physically and mentally for our FUN-Tastics Gymnastics classes starting at 1 st grade.  Note that in the summer, this level shifts to the “Pre-1 st grade’ class

Child development experts know: for preschoolers acquiring healthy learning skills is far more important than mastery of specific skills such as cartwheels.  In Little Hoppers, gymnastics skills are used as tools to instill learning attitudes while skill mastery is a secondary goal—in essence a byproduct.  In Little Hoppers, our priority is to have the kids love to learn!

Most girls wear a leotard.  A T-shirt and active wear shorts are also OK.  Boys wear active wear shorts and a T-shirt.  Bare feet are best as it is difficult to climb some of our ‘mountains’ and other stations with socks, as they slip.  Hair should be pulled back for safety, as long hair interferes and can be dangerous.  Please no gum or jewelry