Term 5 Schedule


Why Take Gymnastics?
Some experts say that the greatest benefits of gymnastics training for children are physical: the amazing power, the unparalled balance, and injury, preventing agility and grace. Other experts say that the benefits are to the mind: the perseverance, the poise, the confidence, the attention to detail, the concentration. Which is right? Our experts know. The answer is, without a doubt, both. In fact, professional gymnastics training is a requisite for all kids who want to learn how to become the best they can be in life. Sound gymnastics training is for all kids.

Our teachers are USA Gymnastics Safety Certified and specially selected and trained to safely bring out the best in each child by encouraging each child to exceed their perceived limitations. Without question, it is special teachers who have made Leaps & Bounds #1 children’s programming in Denham Springs 5 years!

GYM STARS Gymnastics Curriculum
Our Gym Stars curriculum is based on USAG Jr. Olympic Program as well as our 17 years experience of teaching gymnastics to children. The Gym Stars curriculum is designed to provide a non-competitive, achievement-oriented program of life skills, conditioning and flexibility.

GYM STARS Achievement System

Gym Stars program recognizes skill achievement on an individual level. We test on the 4 th and 8 th week of class.  After each testing a progress report will be sent home so you can see your child’s improvement.

We use school grade as the primary variable to determining your child’s class time. We then subdivide each class into logical, homogeneous training groups.

Girls should wear a leotard or shorts and a t-shirt, tucked in. Boys wear shorts and a t-shirt tucked in. For tumbling bare feet are best. Hair should be pulled back for safety, as long hair interferes with rolling somersaulting and twisting skills. Please no gum or jewelry.

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